Building Background

American Shingles is backed by the experience and expertise cemented over 50 years working in the Australian building industry. We are committed to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction.

We are licensed builders and tradesmen and can provide the backup required for both specifying American Shingles roofs and ensuring that the process of implementing a successful application of the Shingle Roofing System.

Our philosophy is to provide a constructive approach to both our customers, architects and the builders that we work with to constructively solve any potential problems.

The company is headed by Rod Laing-Peach and Paul Skvorc. Rod has a carpentry and joinery background and is a qualified Master Builder. Paul started working with Rod as a building cadet in 1988 and they have worked together complementing each other’s skills to this day.

Backed by a number of tradesman and premium suppliers from all backgrounds, American Shingles acts as a one-stop shop for your shingle roofing needs.