American Shingles offers a varied range of asphalt shingles for use here in Australia backed by a Limited International Warranty from the manufacturers, CertainTeed Corporation.

Depending on your aesthetic and performance criteria, the CertainTeed range of shingles covers all bases and complement both domestic and commercial applications.

In general, shingles are made of the same based materials, a fibreglass reinforcement mat, an engineered asphalt coating with a ceramic coated mineral granule surface. The granules produce the colouring of the shingle profile as well as StreakFighter algae resistance coatings.

The shingle materials of various weights and laminations are then profiled in particular shapes to produce either the symmetry of slate  or dimensional characteristics of timber shingles.

American Shingles offers a roofing shingle that is inert and ideal for harsh and coastal applications. We employ stainless steel coil roofing nails to fix every shingle and capping to a plywood roof deck and this of course, requires a commensurate flashing material for the environment that the Shingle Roofing System is installed.

Feel free to contact us at anytime to assist you with your requirements regarding the use of an American Shingles roof to your domestic or commercial application.


Grand Manor

Grand Manor is the top of the line shingle with a multi layered base giving you depth and dimension of aesthetics akin to stone roofing profiles. Grand Manor’s striking looks are ...

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Carriage House

Carriage House is super heavyweight shingle with a dual layered base giving you depth and dimension of a scalloped edged slate roof. A unique shingle for a one-of-a-kind home, Car...

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Pres Illustration600310

Presidential Series

The Presidential Series of shingles is created to replicate the look of cedar shakes but with the endurance of asphalt resistance. The shingle is a laminated base giving you depth...

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LM Illustration600310

Landmark Series

The Landmark Series of shingles is laminated created to replicate the look of timber shingles with the endurance of asphalt. The shingle is a laminated from two or three layers gi...

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Three Tab

XT25 & XT30 shingles are a ‘traditional’ style shingle with a pattern akin to a brick type pattern. This profile is one of the oldest and original profiles across the continental ...

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