Presidential - Autumn Blend

American_Shingles_Australia_Presidential_Autumn Blend_CertainTeed_Asphalt_Shingles

The Presidential Series of shingles is created to replicate the look of cedar shakes but with the endurance of asphalt resistance. The shingle is a laminated base giving you depth and dimension of a scalloped edged slate roof.

From the shade, texture and rustic sculpted edges of Presidential  Series to the staggered, authentic design, this is one decision that goes straight to the top. No other roofing has the performance, the durability and the stunning replication of real wood shakes like Presidential Series.

The Presidential Series comes in two forms, the standard two layer Presidential and Presidential TL, a three layered shingle to provide that visual weight and depth. The intricate design work that went into this shingle tab design lends itself to a truly distinctive sculpted, dimensional appearance for those wanting a timber look.

The Presidential Series is a fraction of the cost of timber shakes but unlike wood, it won’t rot or decay and offers excellent wind resistance. Presidential Series comes standard with StreakFighter, a CertainTeed manufacturing standard that helps to prevent streaking by airborne algae.

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