XT30 - Weathered Wood

American_Shingles_Australia_XT25_XT30 Weathered Wood_CertainTeed_Asphalt_Shingles

XT25 & XT30 shingles are a ‘traditional’ style shingle with a pattern akin to a brick type pattern. This profile is one of the oldest and original profiles across the continental US and is offered as an entry level product.

The XT25 and XT30 shingles are often referred to as ‘Three Tab Shingles’. This is because of the three rectangular tabs on the bottom half of the shingle that you see when the roofing is laid.

XT25 and XT30 shingles are the lowest profile shingle in the range we offer and provide the most economical option of the American Shingles range of shingles.

XT30 WW 01 424374
XT30 WW 02 424374